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After Apple and Amazon, here comes Google with new TV tech

Having let Apple, and then Amazon, have the micro console spotlight recently, Google is having its own event, announced for 29th September, to show off its latest tech. Doubtless there will be new Nexus phones, phablets and tablets, probably taking Amazon's approach to covering all the bases.

Certainly coming is a new Chromecast stick with improved WiFi hardware, content feeds and more.
The big question is, will the company update its own micro console, the Nexus Player made by ASUS, which has seen limited interest, not much news or availability since launch. If not, then I guess that suggests that other devices have whatever scope there is in this market sewn up.

Or, it could go the Apple route and turn it into a smart home hub, or throw the works in with a major gaming effort.  Either way, next week will be the time to update the old comparison chart!