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Certain PS Vita games being upgraded for PlayStation TV

While Vita games look fine on its own OLED small screen, scaling them up to HDTV size can leave them looking rather jagged, blurry or angular. Many PS TV owners have grumbled about the lack of visual quality in some games, compared to newer 1080p-capable systems, but a fix could be at hand.

A few Vita titles are to receive feature and quality upgrades in the move from Vita to PlayStation TV, available as free patches. Titles including the pixel-heavy Hotline Miami, Spelunky, and Sound Shapes are the first on the list. It seems more likely that more-recent, smaller indie games, will get updates, rather than Sony's own legacy larger titles. Certainly don't expect the likes of Tearaway to get a patch.

Gamers who purchased these titles for the PS Vita will be able to download the PS TV versions of these titles, some of which feature enhanced graphics or improved features. No images or before-and-after pictures yet, but hopefully most active developers will see the benefits of a small upgrade to improve their product on the big-screen.