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Amazon Fire TV micro console shipping now, first reviews in

The contenders are out there, with Apple's TV, Sony's PlayStation TV out in the States and Amazon's Fire TV now shipping. They'll soon to be joined by Google's Nexus Player, each at around $79-99, all are aiming for your Christmas bucks as a cheaper alternative to pricey tablets, consoles and other gadgets.

Here's some reviews to see what the world's gadget aficionados think (more will be added as reviews go live):

Apple TV

Engadget, CNET,

PlayStation TV

IGN, Tom's Guide, CNET, PC Advisor,

Amazon Fire TV

TechRadar, more coming soon

Google Nexus Player

Coming soon

This market is a muddy one with stragglers like the Ouya console competing with whitebox-branded Android consoles, micro PCs (like the new Alienware Alpha, below), Steam's living room PC concept and others.